Monday, July 29, 2013

7-29-13 News- Up Coming Content and Dark Cloud & Sega Rumors.

 Up Coming Content

Here at DPG we strive ever more to bring forth posts that have an overall original thought or feel and that are honestly entertaining or informing. So with that I would like to take this time to talk about up coming content and two specific rumors I have been hearing

First and for most there are several posts that are upcoming; a New segment titled: Indie Corner & Review. A new Nostalgia Glasses: Gaming post, another Hindsight, as well as another Game Perceptions and possibly one or two One off Posts.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Game Perceptions: Retro Edition: Final Fantasy IX, or, how I learned to love old school RPGs


Come on, come all. Welcome to Game Perceptions. I've never done one of these solo before, but B.T. has never actually played Final Fantasy IX, yet he did do an excellent job on the image above (Thanks, by the way), so you get just good ol' John. Yes, I know you must be very disappointed, but this is one of my favorite games and I plan to do it some justice. So, as Mega Man Volnutt would say, HERE WE GO!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Hindsight Hub #2: Killer Movie Sin-drome


Have you ever heard or said: “That movie would make an awesome game” or the inverse “that game would make an awesome movie”? I’m almost 100% you have heard or have thought about one of these statements at some point in your existence. Hell even I have said it but that’s one of those things that seemingly is rare to be done properly. Even when a decent budget is put up for a movie or a game they tend to be too rushed for some crappy reason like wanting to be released before Christmas. Or they are just not at all epic like the fans expected them to be.

And maybe it’s not all on the creators of a movie or game, but on the fans? Maybe we as fans expect too much and when we get something that is less than perfect we can’t accept it as just decent or worth the money we paid. However we can’t blame ourselves for the sins of the developers and producers… 

Maybe the major Sin is indeed twofold… Developers and producers with their inherent inabilities to put in the proper amount of time, money, and subsequent effort to make blockbuster hits that portray the game or movie in question as grand as the source material portrays it. The second side to the coin is we as fans and our inability to accept creative license and those changes made to what we consider our imaginative interpretation of a creative work…

But not all “sins” are bad some can be rather enjoyable like eating too much chocolate.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

One Sentence Gaming, Volume 2

Remember One Sentence Gaming? Of course you do! It's only your favorite part of this blog ever. Jokes aside, the segment was so nice, I've decided to do it twice. This time with a little help from my friend Jason. Any who, here's ten more of our favorite games summed up into a sentence or so. Ready? Go!

1) Metal Gear Solid: Nukes are bad, mmkay?

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Nostalgic Glasses: Gaming 2 “Out From Skull Island”


           Okay everyone it’s time to put our Nostalgic Glasses on once again. Muster the rest of the nostalgic gear that we have so we can return to a time when games were simpler. A time when games came out and cost only a fraction of what they do today. These were the times that games were contained in giant wood boxes or are encased in a hard plastic cartridge that wouldn’t scratch as easily as todays blue rays or DVD’s. Other games of the time were actually easier to destroy or damage in their flimsy plastic packages that held a medium disk inside, that beheld entertainment goodness that would become the predecessor of many great things. Whatever its’ chosen game platform and how we interacted with those platforms these were the times of LEGENDS.

        NOSTALGIC GLASSES… The Dawning of the Glasses

         “Out From Skull Island”

          Our Next game to honor and return to started several major game series. This game was titled after the antagonist. It would have it’s one and only protagonist’s name changed alongside the plot device: damsel in distress’s name as well. Two characters would move on to great prominence and create games that surely will be/have been reviewed or talked about through Nostalgic Glasses or some other segment on this blog. Meanwhile, the third character (number two of two human characters) would completely be replaced with a more prominent and affluent character in the offshoot game series.