Saturday, June 22, 2013

Game Perceptions 2



                                                           MARIO PARTY 8

             This time around John and I have decided to put out our perceptions on a single game and not a series: Mario Party 8. And boy what a stinker of a game this one turned out to be. Now before we give our perceptions let it be known that we as gamers liked the older games specifically the first three. They were innovative and fun. But since we have not played all of the games MP1-9 we wanted to do this on the most recent game we have played.

              You can bet a dollar or more we will revisit this series in a review or with one on one’s at a later time.

                 So now let’s insert the Mario Party 8: Just Don’t Play It Disc and get into our perceptions…

Friday, June 21, 2013

Hindsight Hub #1: Why Sony has my money and the Xbox One was before it's time


This is your boy John here to present a new segment for DPG, which we (read: I) will be calling Hindsight Hub. I call it that because hopefully years from now, with the benefit of hindsight, we can look back and see how either ridiculously stupid I sounded or how right I was. Today we're gonna talk about Sony and Microsoft.

While we try to not show bias here, inevitably the three people running this blog have always been Sony guys. That's not to say that we don't enjoy other systems, but we often found ourselves going back to our PSX, PS2 and PS3 more often, especially the former. It especially becomes more and more difficult when systems cost so much to purchase, peripherals and online subscriptions adding to that total cost, and then keeping a decent game library for you to play for someone to own more than one of a generations consoles. I was very lucky to own a Wii, a PS3, and a 360, however I did buy the PS3 first. That being said, the system I find myself going back to has been my 360 lately, and I will say that I enjoy it as equally as my PS3.

So why does the PS4 have my money? Well, truth be told, even if the Xbox One had started off without the restrictions it tried to impose, I still would have went with Sony. Sony has always, in my opinion, tried to give the best customer experience. The Sixaxis and Dualshock 3 were rechargeable from the get go, you weren't forced to buy a subscription to play online, having a Playstation Plus gave you a discount AND free games, and the PS3 had wireless internet capability built in without trying to get you to pay $100 for an adapter.

To me, the 360 was a console for first person shooters and sports games, two genres of games that I rarely play. Yes, it has some excellent exclusive titles that aren't those genres, and I own most of them. I can look back now and say that the 360 was definitely the top console of this generation but I didn't see that then. I also did not like the estimated 40% fail rate of the old model Xbox 360 consoles. Thankfully that was remedied, but I can't say that I am ever happy to shell out $60 a year to play online with friends (superior online experience be damned).

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Nostalgic Glasses: Gaming 1- “From Mother Russia with Love”’


           Okay everyone it’s time to put our Nostalgic Glasses on, along with the rest of the nostalgic gear that we can muster so we can return to a time when games were simpler, when games came out and cost only a fraction of what they do today. These were the times that games made came encased in a hard plastic cartridge that wouldn’t scratch as easily as today's blue rays or DVD’s. However other games of the time were flimsy plastic packages that inside held a medium disk, a so called floppy disk that some kids today may have never seen.  Whatever its’ chosen game platform and how we interacted with those platforms these were the times of LEGENDS.
Now many, many of these games would go on to become iconic house hold names that people not only revere but also play even unto this day of Technology be it the originals or some new iteration of that IP.  Many times again we reminisce to this day how great they were then and now.  Some people may live only in these past times refusing to grow with gaming innovation and the general times, or maybe it’s the inverse they are too young to bend their knee in respect to these older games despite the fact that these predecessors are the sole reason their Halo’s, Angry Bird’s, Plants v.s Zombie’s, Call of Duties and so on exist…

I welcome you to the first of many rotating segments put forth by Drunken Procrastinating Gamers…

Sunday, June 16, 2013

One Sentence Gaming, Vol 1


Here at DPG, we try to bring you the absolute best in gaming comedy. Obviously, everything we do is hit or miss, but we strive to achieve for the former.

You may have heard of 5 Second Movies. If you haven't, it's a little like it sounds. Reviewers will sum up a movie in 5 or so (with a heavy emphasis on "or so") in the simplest way possible. So, we present to you: One Sentence Gaming. We'll start with some of my personal favorite games. Ready? Go!

1) Final Fantasy IX: Effeminate half monkey-half human hybrid hits on a princess, aggravates a knight, destroys one planet, and saves another.

 2) The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask: Waifish elf falls down pit, gets cursed by a witch doctor, and must become the world's greatest astronaut in three days by learning how to play the ocarina. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Game Perceptions 1


Dynasty Warriors and the Romance of the Three Kingdoms Series

           Now don't get us wrong both John and I love, love the Dynasty Warriors (DW) and Romance of the Three Kingdoms (RotTK) games. Even Bart has at least played DW and in all likelihood has heard of RotTK. Most average 'rounded' gamers can say they have played one or the other or both. Some how DW is just a joke to many, many, many people. A rumor has existed that it is such a joke that the North American gaming industry (dependent upon game company) may make their interns play all of the previous Dynasty Warriors Titles to see if they will crack... True or not that is both horrible and hilarious!

           Whatever your experience dealing with the DW or RotTK Games has been they mix action, strategy and history in a manner that can be heavily entertaining or... for a person who doesn't like strategy and history it can be very, very boring... Now we know that you all want to stand up with your hands in the air jumping around like 'you just don't care' and are some kind of mentally lost man/womanchild.
But B.T. & John/Drunken Procrastinators we don't necessarily "think" history or strategy or action or even hack n' slash games are bad or boring... No!!!!! Just the opposite most of us Sheeple like the same repetitive things over and over...

             Such as every action-adventure game, most sequel games or even every side scroller ever...? Where you use the same buttons to attack over and over... against bad guys that are little more than palette swapped enemies.

            Yes!! but THOSE games are MASTERPIECES like Heavenly Sword... or like the old school Metroid or Contra games... We're okay with the same wash and repeat battle processes against palette swapped baddies in those games...

               Because in those games unlike in the early DW series, they stop or break up the monotony of said pallete swapped baddies and repetitive button mashing slaughter with breaks in the play or with boss fights. And that makes them fun and have some semblance of replay value.... The earlier DW games left such a bad taste of wash and repeat mouthwash in many players mouths that many don't give the newer games a chance BUT THAT'S A DISCUSSION FOR A LATER DATE...

             You all aren't here to read about that history lesson (Har har har... see what we did there....) You want to read our perceptions... our WTFs and observations on the DW and RotTK Series.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

In the process of Building

DPGer's are currently in the process of building the blog layout as well as stocking the fridge and cabinet.  So bear in mind its going to take a little bit...

And since we are Procrastinators you can expect this to be finished in a week.... or two...

Followed by some ""Serious"" Reviews, Rants and any other what have you's....


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