Thursday, July 25, 2013

One Sentence Gaming, Volume 2

Remember One Sentence Gaming? Of course you do! It's only your favorite part of this blog ever. Jokes aside, the segment was so nice, I've decided to do it twice. This time with a little help from my friend Jason. Any who, here's ten more of our favorite games summed up into a sentence or so. Ready? Go!

1) Metal Gear Solid: Nukes are bad, mmkay?

2) Super Mario World: Bowser fucks up Mario's vacation and Mario vows to kick his ass before it's completely ruined.

3) Earthbound: Somebody's acid trip.

4) The Legend of Zelda - The Wind Waker: Pirates!

5) Chrono Trigger: Time travel to defeat a planet eating flea.

6) Viewtiful Joe: A guy LARPs his favorite film: Last Action Hero.

7) Dragon Warrior: Thou hast died, wouldst thou like to continue thy quest? Repeat ad infinitum.

8) Pokemon: Ten year old boy is cast off into the wild with nothing but a fancy e-reader and a pet to protect him.

9) Crash Bandicoot: Sonic's long lost cousin twice removed decides to avenge the shittiness of Sonic 3D Blast by taking down an evil scientist on a brand new console.

10) Portal: A computer lies to you about cake while you defy the laws of physics to escape a maze.

There you go. Ten more. And B.T. said I couldn't come up with this drunk on cheap white wine!

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