Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Game Perceptions #4


                                        Warhammer 40k Space Marine

      First I just want to say hi to everyone my name is john (not to get mixed up with the other john) I'm new to the site. I'm the resident trophy/achievement "expert" but with that being said lets jump into this review.

Perception 1: Visuals
          This Game is absolutely beautiful the graphics are an easy 10. The map is set up in true Warhammer 40k regale and flare; with the blood, gore, and absolute carnage seen in a world… exactly what any true Warhammer fan would come to expect from this series. With that said I would like to point out that that the entire game (which is moderately long against today's standard) takes place on the same planet so the scenery does get kind of boring after a while, but other than that visually this game does not disappoint.

Perception 2: Game play and mechanics
         This game defiantly gives you the feel of an actual space marine, giving you the ability to charge into a horde of Orcs and come out on top, but certain mechanics get old quick. First off the healing mechanic, while you do have an over shield the regenerates while outside of combat the only way to recover actual health is to stun an enemy then hit the button that pops up over there head to execute them, I have to give relic props for originality on this, but it does get annoying quick especially when you have to chain this back to back to back just to stay alive when facing a medium to large horde of Orcs.
           Second is the combat mechanic it kind of feels like god of war plus guns. Most of the guns do very little damage and the ones that actually do any significant damage have very little ammo, so most of the time you're just button smashing your chainsaw sword/power axe. But now let's talk about the good things the jet pack mechanic was a lot of fun, and very well put together. The fact that it only appeared a few times in the game made it so that it didn't really get repetitive like some of the other mechanics.
           The other thing I really liked where the "hidden" servo skulls because every time you found one it would play an audio recording revealing a little piece of lore about the current situation. Overall the game play is a lot of fun but only in short bursts. I found myself only being able to play the game for about 2 hours at a time with the exception of the ending because I knew I was so close to beating it.

Perception 3: Multiplayer
           Let me start by saying I'm not normally one for multiplayer but this game deserves a shout out especially for its customization features you can design a space marine or chaos space marine literally anyway you want. There are preset armor sets and chapter colors that a perfect renditions of the 40k universe. As well as giving you the ability to completely make your own chapter with piece by piece armor selection (even if you want the right shoulder pad to be different then the left).
         The color options are also phenomenal allowing you to detail every aspect of your space marine your way, not to mention that they kept the colors names the same as the games workshop names so it's easy to find the color you use to paint your physical army! Now on to actual the multiplayer portion of the game play disappointing to say the actual multiplayer game play isn't that much different then Call of Duty. The only major difference is there are classes you can choose from that specialize in different combat styles. But everything else is similar; the leveling system, custom load outs, perks, the list goes on.
           All in all I had fun playing the multiplayer for a bit but the customization is by far the big selling point on this games multiplayer out of all the other bitz it brings.

Perception 4: Story (Spoilers, Soo ’umies be warned! )
         The story of the game follows the Warhammer 40k universe very well. but I feel as though the story fell just short of epic several times one key time is when you finally get to the titan you've spent so much time trying to get to. You don't even get to control it instead you have to stand on top and defend while the other space marines just take aim with the main cannon and fire. Over all the story was pleasant though, and eventually led to a nice twist of fate about 3/4th through the game when the chaos space marines make an appearance and take the story away from the repetitive Orc hordes.  

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